Bubba's MC Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey

By Bubba's

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.

Lock up your usual party drinks and set free the robust sweetness of Bubba's MC Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey. With each sip, surrender to a velvety fusion of fluffy marshmallows and decadent chocolate, a combo so delightful, it's almost criminal.

Let Bubba's MC take the center stage whether as a bold, solo shot or mingling with other party pals. Jazz it up with fizzy cola, blend it in a creamy coffee, or add a cozy twist with hot cocoa - our MC Whiskey plays well with others and always leaves a memorable impression.

Why wait? Take your shot and indulge in the guilty pleasure of Bubba's MC Marshmallow Chocolate Whiskey. Remember, an evening with Bubba's MC isn't just a party, it's a flavorful journey you'll want to embark on time and time again. Go on, reward yourself, because with Bubba's, the secret's in the sipping!

Create Your Own Cocktail

Bubba's Fluffernutter Shot

Bubba's Fluffernutter Shot

1 part Bubba's Marshmallow Chocolate
1 part peanut butter whiskey

Mix, chill, & serve as a shot. Rim with chocolate and crushed peanuts and a marshmallow if you're craving a snack to go along with it.