Booker's Rye Big Time Batch 2016-LE Whiskey

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Booker’s Rye Big Time Batch 2016-LE is the first rye whiskey released under the Booker’s brand, and it was originally laid down in oak in 2003 by Booker Noe. This single barrel is extra-aged, with a higher proof than your average Booker's. The flavor is full and rich, with plenty of spice and toffee notes—a great choice if you're looking to make cocktails or dessert!

Booker's Rye is a limited edition, small batch rye whiskey from the team at Booker Noe. This high rye whiskey was distilled in 2003 and aged for 12 years before it was bottled. Booker's Rye is surprisingly sweet, but finishes with a spicy kick that makes this whiskey unique and hard to forget. It's the perfect dram for rye lovers looking for something new.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.