Booker's 2023-01 Charlie's Batch Bourbon


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Introducing Booker's 2023 - 01, "Charlie’s Batch" - an exceptional bourbon honoring the true craftsmanship of Charlie Hutchens, the mastermind behind the iconic wooden boxes that envelop each bottle of Booker's Bourbon. As a tribute to Charlie, a beloved family friend and dedicated former employee of Booker Noe, this batch emerges as the first stellar release of the Booker’s® Bourbon 2023 Collection.

"Charlie's Batch" encapsulates the essence of tradition and hard work. Each sip carries the rich legacy of bourbon-making, embodying the same dedication that Charlie put into his artfully crafted wooden boxes. The robust and nuanced flavor profile will intrigue both new bourbon enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados alike.

Meticulously distilled and aged to perfection, Charlie's Batch is a testament to the enduring commitment to quality and superior taste that defines the Booker's Bourbon brand. Its limited availability makes each bottle a coveted addition to any bourbon collection.

Experience the harmony of heritage and innovation with Booker's 2023 - 01, "Charlie’s Batch". Dive into its profound flavors that echo with the whispers of the past and the excitement of the present. Savor the rich textures that deliver a complex, yet balanced experience on the palate.

This batch is made up of barrels from four production dates that were aged in four different warehouses. The breakdown of barrel storage for Booker’s “Charlie’s Batch” is as follows:

3% came from the 5th floor of 7-story warehouse Q
17% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse G
24% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse Z
27% came from the 5th floor of 7-story warehouse Z
29% came from the 5th floor of 7-story warehouse 1


Our darkest and deepest amber and henna color.

Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak.

Robust vanilla and caramel notes; slightly smoky.

Long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.