Blue Chair Bay Lime Rum by Kenny Chesney

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Dive into a burst of refreshing flavor with Blue Chair Bay Lime Rum, crafted by the legendary Kenny Chesney. The zesty taste of lime creates an invigorating symphony for the senses, offering a vibrant citrus profile that’s sure to refresh. Imagine the tangy flavor of lime dancing on your taste buds, much like a cool ocean breeze on a warm day.

Perfect for elevating your favorite cocktails or simply enjoyed on the rocks, Blue Chair Bay Lime Rum transforms any moment into a tropical escape. Whether you're celebrating at a summer BBQ, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying a sunset with friends, this rum brings a lively zest to every occasion.

Add Blue Chair Bay Lime Rum to your soda or favorite drink and savor the invigorating tang. Experience the perfect blend of lime and rum, and take your refreshment to the next level. Try Blue Chair Bay Lime Rum today and let the zest bring pure joy to every sip!


Fresh and clear like a tropical morning

A whiff of the tropics with the scent of fresh lime

Zesty, fresh and mouthwateringly clean.

The invigorating tang of lime just picked off a tropical tree balanced with our incredible Caribbean rum.

Bright and lush with the sweetness of rum left behind.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.