Blood Oath Pact No. 7 Bourbon Whiskey

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You can almost hear the multiple tiny ice cubes tinkling in your glass. That's because Blood Oath Pact No. 7 is part of our hand crafted series of small-batch whiskeys, each one carefully crafted by our master distillers. Every drop of Pact No. 7 is a legacy steeped in American history that all begins with the highest quality grains, perfectly married with deep roots, and aged in freshly charred oak barrels patiently to bring out all their bold, distinctive characteristics.

BLOOD OATH is proud to present its seventh whiskey in the PACT series. PACT No. 7 is not your typical bourbon. A blend of three distinct whiskeys with differing barrel aging times, this combination creates a layered complexity that makes it difficult to pin down what makes No. 7 so special. This curious marriage of spirits unfurls layers of flavor with every dizzying sip, showcasing hints of caramel, vanilla, oak, cedar and rye spice throughout. With each sip, you unlock something new about the secrets of this fine whiskey.


Corn, rye, and barley

Deep, dark amber color with long legs

Caramel and strong oak, backed up with hints of honey

Caramel and oak.

Apricots, honey, and peaches.

Blood Oath Pact 7 acquires additional flavor notes from Sauternes wine casks sourced from the Bordeaux region in France.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.