Blanton's Honey Barrel Special Release Bourbon

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700ML / 2021 Release

Inspired by the honey barrels that Colonel Blanton would handpick when catering to special guests and dignitaries, the aptly named Blanton's Honey Barrel Single Barrel Bourbon is a stunning collector's item and a bottle deserving of a place on any connoisseur's top shelf.

Colonel Albert Blanton was a true bourbon legend. A farmer, moonshiner and distiller, he spent his days next to the clear waters of the Kentucky-Tennessee border crafting some of the most celebrated bourbons in history. Today, we proudly carry on his legacy with our Blanton's single barrel release. In celebration of the extraordinary character, talent, and legacy of Colonel Blanton, we present you with a rare treasure: our Blanton's Honey Barrel Single Barrel Bourbon.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.