Barrell Bourbon Armida

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By Barrell

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Experience the art of perfect timing with Barrell Bourbon Armida, a finely crafted bourbon that captures the ripeness and richness of pears. Your patience is rewarded with an unforgettable finale.

In a world where timing is everything, Barrell Bourbon Armida is the leading star of its own suspense thriller. Just like a ripening pear, it teaches us that timing can't be fabricated or forced. Each moment is painstakingly crafted, waiting for the opportune second to strike and unveil its captivating plot twist.

Crafted by those who understand the nuances of flavor and texture, this bourbon captures the essence of perfect timing. It's a sensory journey that rewards your patience with an unforgettable finale—much like the climax of a gripping suspense thriller.


Bright gold with a pale rim.

Opens with creamy and sweet notes of carrot cake, dulce de leche, and chestnut honey. The pear brandy’s influence inflects the core aroma, with poached pear leading blackberry and dried lime peel. Shimmering at the edges are countless herbs and dusty spices. Notes familiar to Sicilian amari, such as fennel seed, aniseed, nutmeg, and cacao are there. As Sicily was once part of the Duchy of Savoy licorice, wormwood and chamomile are encountered here, in Savoy’s tradition of genepy and absinthe.

Lush sweetness is kept in check by some sandy tannin and high strength. Here, the rum takes center stage, with blackstrap molasses, sambuca, and olive brine arriving first. The rich dark character builds with date and chipotle leading into pipe tobacco and walnut. The amaro is never far behind, exhibiting licorice root, gentian, green cardamom and kola nut.

Green almond enriches an otherwise dry finish of black tea and slate.

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