Ardbeg Corryvreckan Single Malt Scotch

By Ardbeg

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Our awards for the World Whiskies Awards just keep coming in, and we're delighted to announce that Ardbeg Corryvreckan has taken home The World's Best Super-Peated Single Malt in 2010.  Profoundly deep and powerfully peaty, the whisky has strong peat overtones nuanced by notes of tobacco and coffee.

A strong, strongly peating single malt from the remote island of Islay in Scotland. This is where most of the island's distilleries are based, and this one is a fine example of why so many types of whisky come from this tiny island. It has a wonderfully smoky nose, but it's also fragrant, with hints of tropical fruits. The palate is rich and generous, with a deep peaty aroma and some fabulous (and very unusual) flavours among the cocoa and coffee notes.

Rich Amber

Heady, intense and powerful. Swirl the glass and dip your nose into the torrents of tarry ropes, creosote and linseed oil rising from deep within the vortex. A collision of waxy dark chocolate, warm blackcurrants and muscovado sugar pulls you under its spell with a burst of plump cherries and earthy pine needles leaping from its depths. From salty seasoning comes a briny character with tangy crisp seaweed and smoky bacon swirling on the surface with hints of sweet vanilla, spicy cloves and blueberries. Surrender to its dangerous depths with the heady force of menthol, treacle and chilli sauce.

Plunge into the whirlpool and torrents of taste well up on the palate; deep, peppery and chewy, bombarding the tongue. The first plunge brings forth chewy peppered steak soaked in pepper sauce with the tang of crispy seaweed. As you descend deeper, encounter a mouthful of black tarry espresso coffee that coats the palate with rich melted dark fruits (blackcurrants, blueberries and cherries) and bitter almonds. As the taste soaks in deeper, star anise and hickory dry out the palate before a surprise of chalky effervescent violets fizz to the surface.

Long, deep and remaining powerful into the finish with black tarry coffee, chocolate coated cherries and hot pepper sauce, the lingering memories of your mysterious and daring journey into Corryvreckan.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.