Ardbeg 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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By Ardbeg

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Ardbeg 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Available periodically from Ardbeg Embassies and other Whisky Specialists.

Ardbeg is prohibited from releasing single-cask bottlings during the 1980’s, so these incredible casks were laid down to rest until they could be bottled at 25 years old.

This is a rare opportunity to taste Ardbeg at its most intricate, balanced and beguiling. Bottled from incredibly rare casks filled during some of the Distillery’s darkest days, this is Ardbeg at its most elaborate, balanced and beguiling. Majestic aromas of smoked cream and earthy bonfires are masterfully interwoven with layers of pine and fragrant candle wax. Hot pepper rises on the palate, twisting around lemon sherbet sweetness, while hints of carbolic soap and tar flow into a long aftertaste characterized by delicate mint entwined with lingering cream and fudge.


Bright Amber

A pungent burst of smoked cream, peppermint and toffee, with Ardbeg’s classic fennel and pine resin. Distant earthy bonfires mix with herbal and fruity (banana and tropical) notes, along with fragrant candle wax.

An extremely vibrant, hot peppery mouthfeel leads into a burst of sherbet lemon sweetness (candied apples, pears and orange), hints of carbolic soap and tar, more creamy toffee, aniseed and chilli pepper.

A long, mellow, lingering aftertaste, with lots of cream, fudge and delicate antiseptic notes. An elegant, soothing style of Ardbeg.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.