Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila

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Discover the captivating charm of Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila, a masterful blend of heritage and flavor. Immerse in its bold depth and intricate finish, a perfect sip to toast your special moments.

Infuse your celebrations with a taste of heritage and class by introducing Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila. Aged to perfection, this luxurious sip redefines your spirit experience, seamlessly blending traditional methods with modern refinement.

Adictivo Añejo Black Tequila is not just any tequila; it's an invitation to savor excellence. Aged for a precise amount of months, it acquires a rich amber hue and an exquisite smoothness that resonates with even the most discerning palate. This superior añejo boasts an intriguing balance of sweet and spice, with a burst of caramel and almond notes infused with hints of chocolate and cinnamon.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.