Aberlour A'Bunadh Bourbon Cask Scotch


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Aberlour A'Bunadh Cask Scotch is a fiery, barrel aged Scotch whisky. The trademark amber is derived from time spent in Sherry seasoned oak casks, producing an intense and full flavored taste that's sure to last. Aged for over 50 years, this rich and complex spirit is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Rich and oaky with restrained fruitiness, this is a caramelly, fruity, intense and enjoyable whisky. It is bottled at cask strength resulting in a robust, deeply intense and sherried whisky. With its fully saturated toffee nose, the powerful flavors stimulate the palate and lead to a classic Sherry finish – rounded with raisins, sultanas and candied fruits.


Auburn gold

Aromas of mixed spices, praline and spiced orange harmonizing with rich, deep notes of Oloroso Sherry

Orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with Sherry and Oak. Full bodied and creamy

Robust and intense with bitter-sweet notes of exotic spices, dark chocolate and oak

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.