Aberlour 12 Year Old Scotch

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Aberlour 12 Year Old is smooth, rich and generous. It's triple matured in American oak casks, Spanish oak sherry butts and French oak barriques to deliver its subtly balanced flavour that makes it a best seller. Allow Aberlour 12 to breathe for the first time since it was filled with fresh Highland spring water to unlock the full depth of its smooth, rich character, with a hint of lingering sweetness and just a touch of spice.

Made from a carefully selected mix of Highland and Speyside whiskies, Aberlour 12 Year Old has a surprising depth and complexity for a Speyside whisky. Smooth, rich and generous, this is definitely one to enjoy neat or with a few drops of water.


Golden amber with hints of ruby

Soft and rounded with fruity notes of red apple

A fine Sherried character, fruity aromas balanced with rich chocolate

Warm and lingering. Sweet and spicy

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.