4 Copas Extra Añejo Tequila

By 4 Copas

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Experience an opulent revelation with 4 Copas Extra Añejo, the definitive celebration of organic purity, sumptuous depth, and tequila craftsmanship. Nurtured for over four years in expertly charred American White Oak, this Extra Añejo emerges as the zenith of Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez’s and his adept team's dedication spanning seven fruitful years.

On the palate, a silky, sweet tapestry unfolds, woven with threads of vibrant vanilla, luscious caramel, subtle nuts, and a tapestry of spices. The aroma resonates with a balanced elegance, unfolding layers of decadent vanilla, caramel's richness, the earthy allure of walnut, sweet toffee, dried peaches basking in the sun, and a playful hint of citrus—all organically sourced and meticulously curated.


Very luminous, bright, with an intense amber color and orange nuances, full-bodied.

Vanilla aromas, caramel, walnut, toffee, dried peaches, orange peel, from its storage in barrel; Delicate canned cherry and apple vapors, ripe banana, spices such as anise, herbal sparkles like rosemary and thyme. Cooked agave is delicate. Balanced.

It fully confirms its olfactory promise, leaving vanilla flavors, caramel, mixed nuts and spices.
It is silky, sweet with great permanence in the mouth.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.