Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal

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By Yuu

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Seize a sip and open a portal to a hidden world with Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal 375ML. As rare as a magical bean that sprouts into an adventure, Tobalá agave is known for its finicky growing conditions and the audacity of its flavors.

This mezcal presents you with an exclusive pass to savor this hard-to-find agave. Hand-harvesting and traditional mallet milling ensure that every last ounce of this extraordinary plant contributes to the spirit's intricate character. Each bottle then undergoes a double distillation in copper stills, refining its unique attributes into a singular, captivating elixir. The final touch is open-air fermentation in pine wood vats, wrapping the mezcal in an aroma as spellbinding as an enchanted castle.

Packaged in a convenient 375ML bottle, Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal serves as a gateway to a realm of Oaxacan wonders.



A distinguished smell of country and earth with wild flowers, smoked wood, stone, vanilla, clove, jazmin, peach and apples.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.