Yuu Baal Jabali Joven Mezcal

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By Yuu

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Embark on a tasting journey that tests your mettle and rewards your bravery, much like venturing into a forest to face challenges unknown. Yuu Baal Jabali Mezcal 375ML offers a complex palate that echoes the rugged terrains from which its rare Jabali agave is harvested.

The agave's high sugar content and tendency for foamy fermentation make it a challenge to master, but one that reaps invaluable rewards. The spirit undergoes double distillation in copper stills, resulting in a mezcal that's as complex as a well-devised plan to thwart wolves.

The open-air fermentation in pine wood vats adds an earthy touch, grounding the spirit in nature’s deep-rooted wisdom. Packaged in a 375ML bottle, each sip promises the rewards of a heroic quest: a tapestry of flavors that tells a story of resilience, complexity, and triumph.


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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.