Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon


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Yeehaw, partner! Are you ready for a bourbon as wild as a bronco and as daring as a duel at high noon? Then get a grip on Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon. Born in the untamed hills where the echo of hooves and gunfire reign, this isn't your mild-mannered, city-slicker bourbon. No siree, this is whiskey with grit, as full of spirit as a bucking stallion on the open range.

Imagine, if you will, the sun dipping below the horizon as you uncork the bottle. Instantly, the air fills with a robust aroma of rye and oak, like the scent of a saddle after a long day's ride. Take a sip and feel the flavors gallop across your palate—a stampede of rye spice, chased by a posse of caramel, vanilla, and dark fruit, all culminating in a showdown of a finish that leaves you yearning for another round. With Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon, you're not just drinking—you're embarking on a Western saga in every sip.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.