Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage Bourbon


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Calling all bourbon aficionados and rum enthusiasts! Discover the perfect fusion of both worlds with Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage Jamaican Rum Cask Finished 10 Year Old Bourbon.

This is not just any bourbon; it's a 106-proof expression of 10-year-old bourbon that has undergone a secondary maturation period in Jamaican rum casks. This marks the first rum cask finish in Wild Turkey's history, and it's a creation of Master Distiller Eddie Russell in partnership with Dr. Joy Spence, the renowned Master Blender of Appleton Estate rum.

Voyage is the culmination of over 80 combined years of crafting exceptional spirits and draws inspiration from the lush isle of Jamaica. With credentials like that, this limited edition masterpiece tops your "exceptional bourbon" search list with authority.

From the moment you uncork, you're met with a rich medley of caramel intertwined with tropical whispers—a tribute to its dual heritage.


Notes of vanilla, oak, and fruit give way to molasses, rum cake, and allspice

Sweet and creamy with notes of tropical and dried fruit, caramel and aged oak

A warm and long-lasting finish with chocolate, fruit and spice

106 proof, Jamaican rum cask finished 10-year old bourbon

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.