Widow Jane Decadence Bourbon

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You might think it's all fun & games making whiskey. And, hey, it is. But we take it pretty seriously. You'll have to trust us on that one though because we're not going to bore you with the boring stuff. But what you can see just from looking at Widow Jane Decadence is that we took some of our legendary Bourbons and finished them in barrels that held New York's finest artisanal maple syrup from Crown Maple. The result is a rich, creamy-smooth & slightly sweet mouthful of whiskey flavor that is way beyond good. It'd decadent.

You have found Widow Jane Decadence Bourbon a whiskey that has been aged beyond compare. We have taken our award-winning, 10 year old Bourbon, & finished it in barrels that held New York’s finest artisanal maple syrup from Crown Maple. Crown Maple is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in New York State. Aged this long, the creamy-smooth sweetness of the maple shines through the already rich flavor of our Bourbon.

Sugared Pecans, Maple, Birch Beer, Charred Oak

Vanilla, Burnt Sugar, Cinnamon Bark

Brown Sugar, Shortbread, Mellow Tobacco & Old Whiskey

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.