Trader Vic's Amaretto Liqueur

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Hello and welcome to Trader Vic's Amaretto Liqueur, where we've got the party in the bottle!

You know who drinks a lot of amaretto? Italians. And you know who else drinks a lot of amaretto? Hawaiians! (Yes, they're all Italian.) But seriously, you can't go wrong with this smooth-drinking liqueur made with the exquisite flavor of the Hawaiian macadamia nut. Its roasty richness conjures up the warm mellowness of a Hawaiian sunset.

And while we'd love to list out all the ways you can enjoy Trader Vic's, we don't have that kind of time. We'll just say this: whether it's on the rocks or in a cocktail, as an after-dinner drink or a mixer for your favorite dessert recipe, Trader Vic's is always a great addition to your good times.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.