Seagram's 7 Crown Dark Honey Whiskey

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Seagram's 7 with honey is a blend of Seagram's 7 Crown American blended whiskey dosed with honey and spices. The smooth blend starts with full-bodied character of great American whiskey, which is then finished with a whisper of raw American honey creating an exceptionally smooth and delicious taste experience. Perfect on its own, try it over ice or mixed in your favorite cocktails like the Rusty Nail or Honey Drip.

Experience the smoothness of American Whiskey infused with raw American honey, creating an exceptionally smooth taste experience. Perfect on its own or neat over ice, this model will continue to be popular among whiskey connoisseurs.


Honey and spices

Full-bodied character of great American whiskey

A whisper of raw American honey

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.