Roseisle 12 Year Old Special Release 2023 Whisky

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Embrace the enchantment of ascension with Roseisle's 12 Year Old, a unique gem in the 2023 Special Releases, presented at its powerful natural cask strength. This whisky is poetry in motion, akin to an exquisitely crafted kite dancing amidst a sunset of deep burgundy and plum. It's a tribute to age-old craftsmanship, transforming humble materials into aerial artistry. Roseisle's mastery is a similar alchemy, blending the basic to birth a whisky that defies gravity with its depth.

Sweet vanilla takes the lead, accompanied by the profound melodies of dense, succulent cooked fruits. The scent, profound yet serene, pledges a tapestry rich in vanilla subtleties, punctuated by complex notes of succulent fruitiness and velvety white chocolate. The palate, sumptuous and velvety, offers a symphony of richness and sweetness, emboldened by fruity vivacity and a spicy ardor that injects a thrilling complexity, propelling the flavor into a sumptuous, lingering finale.


A fine baptism for a smoothly assured new malt that, in the style of this first-ever release, as in location, cleverly inhabits a country between the rich grassy, fruity bounty of central Speyside and the nutty- spicy notes of the highlands.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.