Ron Colon Salvadoreno Red Banana Oleo Rum

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Prepare for a sensory journey that unveils hidden wonders, reminiscent of enchanted roses concealed within a castle. Ron Colon Salvadoreno Red Banana Oleo Rum presents a seemingly simple facade, much like a beastly exterior.

Yet, beneath lies an intricate landscape of flavors, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to venture deeper. The unusual pairing of red banana oleo with traditional rum ingredients creates a transformative experience, blossoming from bold fruitiness to a nuanced backdrop of spices and oak.

Each sip is an invitation to explore further, to uncover layers that reveal a harmonious blend as captivating as any hidden beauty. Uncork a bottle and let the enchantment begin, one nuanced sip at a time.


The nose is full of tropical notes as fresh sugar cane and banana balanced by a hint of earthy funk and rounded with a natural sweetness of molasses.

The intersection of Ron Colon Blue and Banana create a beautiful bouquet of flavors, upfront roasted cacao followed by both fresh and caramelized banana finishing with a touch of heat and pot still funk.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.