Rayu Maguey Ensamble de Maguey Mezcal

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By Rayu

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Elevate your evening with a sip of something truly extraordinary. Rayu Maguey Ensamble de Maguey Joven Mezcal is the potion you've been waiting for, offering a transformative blend of agave species like Madrecuishe and Jabali that take 15 to 18 years to mature and Espadin, which adds a dynamic note as it matures in just 7 years.

Each agave is harvested by hand, mirroring the kind of dedicated craftsmanship that can turn ordinary objects into items of wonder. The mezcal is milled with mallets and distilled twice in copper stills to achieve a flavor that's as nuanced as a midnight deadline.

The open-air pine wood vat fermentation infuses each bottle with an ethereal, natural aroma, taking you on a sensory journey that lifts you off your feet. Emanating from the enchanting state of Oaxaca, this mezcal embodies the authentic spirit and cultural richness of the region, turning any evening into a night to remember.


A mezcal with a big personality, crystalline color and aromas of citrus, minerals, and earth, with fresh herbal notes.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.