Pussers Admiralty Rum


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Pusser's Rum is a West Indian Rum based on the rum issued on a daily basis to British Navy sailors as part of their Royal British Navy daily ship's allowance. Pusser's Rum is not only unique because of its history, but also because it is made using a combination of 5 stills and not just one large column still. This adds complexity to the rum while providing great depth and texture.

We wouldn't dare call this rum the "Official Rum of the British Navy" unless it was official - but we'd be remiss to not mention that's what it is. Before the Royal Navy ceased its long-standing tradition of issuing its sailors a daily ration of rum (no, seriously), it would purchase - from five different distillers each year - spirits that were then blended together in a secret formula known only to three people at a given time. The recipe for that Navy rum is now used by Pusser's, making theirs the only rum to uphold the tradition.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.