Pinhook High Proof Bourbon

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By Pinhook

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Envision a whiskey that captures the untamed spirit of a wild horse galloping freely across the vast expanses of your dreams. That's Pinhook High Proof Bourbon Magenta Wax for you. As you uncork the bottle, aromas of caramel and vanilla burst forth like a horse released from its stable, ready to explore the open fields.

Taking a sip is like saddling up for an unforgettable ride through your dream world. The high-proof potency unleashes a robust kick, much like a spirited horse taking off at full speed. Yet, the underlying notes of sweetness and oak keep things grounded, reminiscent of the dreamy landscapes that stretch far and wide.

The finish is long and fulfilling, capturing that elusive sense of freedom that keeps both wild horses and dreamers forever chasing the horizon.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.