Pau Maui Vodka

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The only vodka made from Maui Gold Hawaiian Pineapples, Pau Maui Vodka is a smooth and refreshing spirit. But don't worry—we know you're not into drinking pineapple juice, so this one's different! There's no hint of pineapple flavor in the finished product. Instead, we use it to provide a clean and delicious base for the next step: distillation. Once distilled, we mix our vodka with crystal clear spring water straight from the island to give it that beautiful clarity.

The pineapples provide a nice, clean mash to start from. Once distilled, it is mixed with crystal clear Hawaiian spring water, which is piped straight down from the mountains (it's so clean you can drink it right out of the pipe). The result? A beautifully bold and refreshing vodka that you can sip on its own or in your favorite cocktail.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.