Owney's Rum

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Owney’s Rum is a blend of our handmade rum and aged rum that has been imported from the Dominican Republic. It is made with New York City. The special blend offers smooth and distinct taste.

Owney’s Rum Blend is a distinct combination of our handmade Original and aged rum imported from the Dominican Republic that’s distilled from fresh sugar cane juice. We think this special blend is awesome – silky smooth and versatile with a true NY edge.

Banana, Vanilla, Caramel

Sugar Cane, Baking Spices, Nuttiness, Minerality

Dry Clean Finish

Create Your Own Cocktail

Owney's The Hustler

Owney's The Hustler

1 oz. Owney's Rum
.25 oz. Aperol
.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
.5 oz. Raspberry Syrup

Shake & strain, top with approximately 1 oz. sparkling wine, served over ice.