Mezcal Verde Amarás

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Elevate your evenings with the zesty boldness of Mezcal Verde Amarás. A harmonious blend of agave and natural essences. Get yours today for a zesty twist.

Ever imagined a mezcal that combines the traditional with a twist of zest and boldness? Mezcal Verde Amarás brings you just that - a spirited journey into the heart of contemporary Mexico.

This mezcal, crafted from meticulously selected Espadín agave, is harmoniously infused with a unique blend of local herbs and fruits, creating a flavor profile that's vibrant and bold. Each sip offers a burst of freshness, reminiscent of Oaxacan landscapes, balanced with the deep, smoky notes traditional to mezcal.

Mezcal Verde Amarás is more than a drink; it's a celebration of innovation and tradition. Ideal for those who love to experiment and seek a mezcal experience that's both familiar and excitingly new. Ready to add a zesty twist to your mezcal nights with Verde Amarás?


Gentle and sweet jasmine with an herbal hint.

Intense smoky notes of cooked agave with small touches of spice.

Sweet caramel notes.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.