Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15

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Unveil the exquisite Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15, a celebration of aged rum with lush flavors and an elegant finish for the discerning connoisseur.

Experience the craft of time with Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15. This superb rum, a gem aged for 15 years, is a mosaic of mastery and tradition. Its alluring amber invites you to discover its rich complexity. Notes of baked apple, vanilla spice, and toasted oak weave through each sip, delivering a smooth, sophisticated finish. Matusalem isn't just rum; it's a timeless ritual in a glass. Are you ready to savor the distinction?


Adored for its woody, dry and buttery flavor notes. Its complexity and smoothness

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.