Madre Mezcal Ensamble

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By Madre

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Tequila can be confusing: What is a Blanco? A Reposado? A Gold? But the distinction isn't so important when you taste Madre Mezcal, which we created to shine on its own. It's made from a blend of two types of agave, and we experimented with roasting to unlock flavors normally hidden by smoke. This isn't your average Mezcal, and it doesn't deploy smoke for dramatic effect—but rather because that's just how we like it.

You may know Madre Mezcal as the smoky spirit made from fire-roasted agave, but that's only part of the story. Madre Mezcal expertly blends two types of agave to unlock natural flavors often hidden behind smoke. Like any craft, craftsmanship matters. Experience it here, now, at the source.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.