Kraken Gold Spiced Rum

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By Kraken

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The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum - Unleash the Legendary Treasure! Experience the untamed allure of The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum, a true marvel of the high seas. Aged in the Kraken's formidable keep, this golden elixir has been coveted by sailors for ages.

The Beast, known for sinking any sailor who dared to plunder its bounty, has zealously guarded this precious liquid, but its secrets are finally revealed. Now, it's your chance to possess a piece of this legendary lore.

Unlock the chest of flavors with every sip of The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rum has been aged to perfection, allowing the blend of spices to harmonize in an exquisite symphony on your palate.


Smooth Taste with Hints of Vanilla

Aged for Two Years at the Bottom of the Sea

Create Your Own Cocktail



3 parts Kraken Gold Spiced Rum
1.5 part Lime Juice
.5 part Sugar Syrup
1 12-ounce Bag of Frozen Passionfruit
1 part Triple Sec

Combine all ingredients in a blender or a frozen drink machine. Pour the cocktail into a daiquiri glass. Garnish with a half slice of passion fruit and a lime wedge.
*For a classic daiquiri instead of frozen, replace 1 12-ounce bag of frozen passionfruit with 4 parts passion fruit juice and serve over ice.