Komos Reposado Rosa Tequila

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By Komos

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Komos Reposado Rosa tequila is a beautiful, rich pink tequila that’s reminiscent of a French rosé. It’s something for the adventurous spirit—and for anyone who wants to add a touch of class to their cocktails.

We start with 100% pure agave and distill it for the perfect mix of flavors. We then soak our unaged tequila in French oak, adding sweet notes and a pink hue. This process gives it a smoother feel and taste than traditional Reposado, making it an easy-sipping favorite for relaxed nights.

Create Your Own Cocktail

Rosa Negroni

Rosa Negroni

1.5 oz Reposado Rosa
.75 oz Cocchi Rosa
.75 oz Aperol

Add all ingredients to mixing glass with good ice and stir briefly. Strain into a double rocks glass over a big rock and garnish with an orange twist.