Koloa Kauai Coconut Rum

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By Koloa

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Taste the flavors of Hawaii in a glass with Koloa Kauai Coconut Rum. The perfect tropical cocktail ingredient, our rum is distilled from the sweet nectar of young Hawaiian coconuts to create a smooth, clean finish that honors Hawaii's spirit while putting its own unique stamp on the taste. Enjoy it neat over ice or blend it into your favorite drink.

A taste of paradise, Koloa Coconut Rum is a smooth, delicious spirit with a fresh natural flavor. Made from a blend of five natural ingredients, the distinct taste is a blend of young coconut, toasted coconut and cocoa flavors with a smooth, natural tasting finish.


Kōloa Kauaʻi Coconut Rum presents itself as a white rum with a hint of Chantilly green opalescence, even and thick viscosity and well-defined, sparkling white legs.

Intense coconut aromatics with light hints of roasted coconut and piña colada undertones.

Taste and Finish
The initial taste is quizzically dry, probably from the pleasant proof that Kōloa has kept the rum at, which then leads to the wonderful flavor of baby coconut flesh at the front of the palate. The spirit finishes with light toasted coconut, hints of fresh lime zest and the slightest bit of caramelized pineapple.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.