Koloa Kauaʻi Gold Rum

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By Koloa

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Set sail on a flavorful voyage with Kōloa Kauaʻi Gold Rum, a sunlit offering from the master distillers at Kōloa Rum Company. Born and bottled on the enchanting island of Kauaʻi, this gold rum is a luscious tribute to the sun-drenched sugarcane fields from where it takes root.

Kōloa Kauaʻi Gold Rum represents more than just a tantalizing spirit; it symbolizes an immersive Hawaiian experience. Imagine the gentle Hawaiian sun caressing your skin as you traverse the fertile landscape. Each sip offers a similar experience, embodying the bold and vibrant spirit of the Kauaʻi island.

Presenting a gleaming, golden hue, this rum elevates your taste buds with its rich, robust flavor profile. It greets you with an inviting aroma of sun-ripened sugarcane and toasted vanilla, effortlessly balanced by delicate notes of honey, stone fruit, and light spice. The taste is an exciting journey — smooth, slightly sweet, yet with a complex depth that reveals itself in each subsequent sip.


A vibrant, golden hued rum with a wonderful and surprisingly deep viscosity on the glass. Shimmering, light golden legs run slowly and deliberately down the inside of the glass.

Initially starts off a rich caramel with wafts of butter toffee, light hints of amaretto and freshly roasted macadamia nuts.

Taste and Finish
This soft, candy-like gold rum presents itself boldly with no pretenses other than being a good-tasting gold rum. The mouth feel is viscous with an upfront caramel blast that finishes with vanilla, light macadamia nut brittle and toasted almond.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.