Kahlua Especial Coffee Liqueur

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By Kahlua

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Experience the opulent and intense flavors of Kahlua Especial Coffee Liqueur, a premium addition to the renowned Kahlua collection. This specialized liqueur features carefully selected Arabica beans, delicately roasted for a rich and smooth coffee experience. With a higher coffee and alcohol content, Kahlua Especial offers a bold yet velvety taste, complete with notes of dark chocolate and a silky finish.

Enjoy it on its own, over ice, or in your favorite cocktails for a sophisticated touch. Elevate any coffee-based drink to new heights of luxury with Kahlua Especial. Whether you're crafting a stylish espresso martini or indulging in a post-dinner treat, this coffee liqueur is a sumptuous delight for both coffee and liqueur enthusiasts. Let Kahlua Especial delight your palate with its exceptional blend of quality and flavor.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.