Hornitos Plata Tequila

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Hornitos Plata Tequila is a smooth, lively tequila. It delivers a bold, agave-forward taste that lingers with you long after you take your last sip.

Hornitos Plata is a smooth and dynamic silver tequila that delivers true agave forward taste, with slight citrus and herbaceous aromas and flavors. We take our time to make the most memorable tequila and deliver an unforgettable experience — from the first sip to the last drop.


Crystal Clear With Silver Hints.

Floral, Fruity And Herbal With Light Citrus Notes.

Agave Forward With Citrus Notes.

Warm With Medium Body And Short, But Smooth Finish, Followed By Dryness.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.