Highland Park 12 Year Old Whisky


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Preserve the honour of Viking heritage with Highland Park 12 Year Old. This single malt Scotch whisky has a smoky taste with hints of Christmas cake, apples, and almonds. You can enjoy it traditional-style or on the rocks.

In days of old, the Vikings had their own code of honour. Long before Scottish Highland Park took on its current name and distillery in 1817, we were known to the Vikings as a place of refuge, with an abundance of free grazing land for their cattle. It's this history that inspires our Viking Honour single malt Scotch whisky. A smoky, complex single malt that showcases our rugged island home with hints of dried fruits and oak, it captures everything unique about Orkney while carefully blending in influences from across Scotland.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.