High West Old Fashioned Cocktail

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High West Barrel Finished Old Fashioned Cocktail is a premium pre-batched cocktail, matured in used rye barrels. Featuring high quality ingredients and an excellent balance of charred wood and spice, this drink allows the flavors to create a rich, smooth, and well rounded product.

As you raise your glass high to the mountain sunset, rest assured we've taken every step to craft a cocktail for discerning whiskey lovers like us. Our Old Fashioned is simple, elegant and spirit-forward; with notes of sweet corn from bourbon, earthy spice from rye, pulled together by an unrefined raw sugar simple syrup, bitters and aged in second-use rye whiskey barrels.

Take the guesswork out of making your favorite cocktail, and create a perfectly balanced drink with High West Barrel Proof Cocktail.

How to Enjoy
Pour it over ice and garnish with an orange and lemon twist.
Unopened bottles have a 3 Year shelf life, once opened refrigerate for 30 days.

Cassia bark, licorice root, eucalyptus, orange spice tea, sandalwood

Orange zest, dried cherry, sassafras, allspice, orange cinnamon buns

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.