Hennessy Henny White Cognac

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Embark on an adventure with Hennessy White Cognac. Savor a blend of white grapes, honeysuckle, and lemon, reminiscent of an untouched paradise waiting to be discovered.

Discover the untouched paradise that is Hennessy White Cognac. Mirroring the tale of an adventurer discovering a hidden utopia, this unique Cognac transports you to unexplored territories of taste.

With its pale, golden hue, it offers a tantalizing blend of white grapes, honeysuckle, and a hint of lemon. Emanating the purity of a sacred and secluded world, each sip is an invitation to explore the undiscovered lands that lie within your glass and imagination.


The eaux-de-vie selected by the Master Blender are notable for their distinctive clarity, showing minimal wood influence, to allow fresh floral and fruity notes to shine through expressing the straw-gold color.

The light and fresh aromas of spring flowers smoothly moving to white yet sweet fruits like grapes, apples and pears. At the second nose appears the hint of unripe apricot.

While the aromas are, light and fruity, the sensation on the palate is vibrantly alive with a sharp and delicious freshness – a full-bodied experience the intensity of smashed bunch of grapes and spring white flowers honey.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.