Grey Coast Irish Whiskey

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At the core of Grey Coast is a masterfully aged, complex whiskey that is as smooth as it is inviting. Aged and finished in American oak casks, it harmoniously unites the robust warmth of Irish spirit with the rich, nuanced flavors of American oak.

Grey Coast is more than a remarkable whiskey; it is a lifestyle. It honors the significance of savoring every moment and rejoices in life's small yet profound celebrations. It is a toast to the understanding that with unyielding passion and determination, dreams can indeed transform into reality.

Our Irish Whiskey tells the inspirational tale of Graeme McDowell's Irish/American dream materializing into a delicious reality. Grey Coast encapsulates this story, allowing you to taste the testament of his journey with every sip.

Dive into the exquisite blend of tradition and innovation that Grey Coast offers. Celebrate the small and significant moments in life with our exceptional Irish Whiskey, an embodiment of transatlantic craftsmanship and a testament to the power of dreams. Be a part of the Grey Coast journey and let your taste buds revel in a novel whiskey experience.


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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.