Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre Liqueur


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Fall under the intoxicating spell of Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre Liqueur, a seductive love letter to the art of exquisite taste. Crafted in honor of Louis-Alexandre's fiery passion for aged cognac, this tantalizing blend is your ticket to an unforgettable sensory encounter.

Drawing you in with its amber allure, this captivating liqueur whispers promises of rich, deep flavors that hint at a tale of timeless romance. It's a passionate dance between the finest VSOP cognacs from the prestigious Cognac region and the iconic Grand Marnier, their flavors intertwined in a heady tango, much like two lovers locked in a passionate embrace.


Warm amber with tints of copper and orange.

Nose of candied orange with nuances of citrus zests, orange and bergamot essences.

Candied orange and macerated citrus fruit flavors are dampened by notes of pine and earl gray tea. Very long finish for an intense taste and contemporary experience of the warmth of Grand Marnier liqueur.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.