Glenkinchie 27 Year Old Special Release 2023 Whisky

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Discover a tapestry of floral artistry in every sip of Glenkinchie 27 Year Old Special Release 2023, a single malt whisky bottled at natural cask strength, inspired by the intricate porcelain craftsmanship of China's esteemed dynasties. This oldest-ever distillery-direct bottling from Glenkinchie mirrors the dedication and artistry that crafted the emperors' cherished vases, maturing gracefully over twenty-seven years to encapsulate the empire's luxuriant floral and fruity abundance.

The bouquet unveils with a whisper of orchard fruit, segueing into gentle nuances of almond and vanilla, while meadow-grass notes embroider its lush, floral motif. The palate, rich and sumptuous, begins with a subtle sweetness, elegantly transitioning to a drying sophistication, adorned with a lively oaken spice that lingers through to a resplendent, dry finale.


A hint of fruit as the nose opens conjures an image of the apple orchard, soon joined by light touches of almond and vanilla, before lush meadow-grass aromas develop the floral theme. Smooth and pleasing in texture, the opulent and rounded taste starts lightly sweet and becomes elegantly drying, with a vibrant oaky spiciness that persists in the dry finish.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.