El Dorado 5 Year Old Rum

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El Dorado 5 Year Old Cask Aged rum is nothing short of spirited. It's a delicious rum that has been laid down in oak barrels for at least five years, and imbues the rum with flavors and a character that are unsurpassed. The French oak barrels age the rum to create an amber/brown color and a distinct flavor. Enjoyed best straight or on the rocks, El Dorado 5 Year Old Cask Aged Rum is long on taste.

This prize-winning rum is simply irresistible. It offers intriguing hints of floral and spicy overtones, complemented by gorgeous wooded notes and a full, deep finish. Named "Best Rum in the World" at the International Wine and Spirits Competition, El Dorado's award-winning 5 Year Old Cask Aged Rum is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.


Lively with a dried tropical fruit nose with aromas of caramel, butterscotch and molasses. A vibrant spicy entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, caramel and toasted coconut, fading to a vanilla-tinted glow.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.