Dulce Vida Anejo Organic Tequila


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Savor the richness of Dulce Vida Añejo Organic Tequila. Aged in American Oak whiskey barrels, it features a golden amber hue, vanilla-cinnamon aroma, and full-bodied flavor. Ideal as a sipping tequila for an unmatched tasting experience.

Discover a tequila experience that surpasses expectations with Dulce Vida Añejo Organic Tequila. Named 'aged,' this exceptional spirit matures in select American Oak whiskey barrels, unfolding a rich tapestry of flavors that heightens your senses and adds depth to every sip.

Our Añejo reveals a luscious, golden amber color, a visual testament to the richness and depth gained during its aging process. It entices the senses with an irresistible symphony of vanilla and cinnamon aromas, promising a tantalizing taste journey.


Dark honey

American Bourbon Whiskey

Intense fruit notes and a hint of vanilla

Sweet and Smooth

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.