Don Julio 70th Day Of The Dead


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Celebrate Tradition with Don Julio 70th Day of the Dead Tequila – A Tribute to Heritage and Flavor

Honor the rich traditions of Día de los Muertos with Don Julio 70th Day of the Dead Tequila – a spirit crafted to celebrate life, legacy, and the art of tequila making. This special edition tequila is a masterful blend that pays homage to the cultural significance of the Day of the Dead, offering a unique taste experience that is both vibrant and deeply rooted in Mexican heritage.

Don Julio 70th Day of the Dead Tequila is an exquisite Añejo Claro, meticulously aged for 18 months in American oak barrels and then carefully filtered to achieve its crystal-clear appearance. This process retains the complexity of an aged tequila while delivering the smoothness of a Blanco. The result is a tequila that captivates with its purity and depth.

On the nose, you’re welcomed by delicate aromas of vanilla, honey, and toasted oak, mingled with subtle floral notes. Each sip unveils a harmonious blend of flavors – rich caramel, fresh citrus, and a hint of pepper, all wrapped in a silky, refined finish that lingers beautifully.

Encased in a stunning, artistically designed bottle that reflects the vibrancy and spirit of Día de los Muertos, this limited edition tequila is perfect for celebrating with family and friends. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in an elegant cocktail, Don Julio 70th Day of the Dead Tequila elevates any occasion with its exceptional quality and cultural significance.

Raise a glass to the past, present, and future with Don Julio 70th Day of the Dead Tequila. Here’s to cherishing memories, honoring traditions, and savoring the extraordinary flavors of life. Cheers to the celebration of heritage and the artistry of Don Julio!


Crisp with traditional hints of Añejo

18 months & charcoal filtered.

Smooth in character with highlights of vanilla, honey and toasted oak

Lingering hints of oak followed by a clean, warm finish