Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé Champagne


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Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne is the result of a daring blend of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes created by master winemaker Jacques Lassaigne. Assembled with rigorous skill and attention to detail, this limited-edition bragantino is aged in large oak barrels for nearly 12 years before being released annually in March.

The bouquet bursts forth with raspberries and wild strawberries. Persistent powdery notes of iris and violet immediately meld with the fruit aromas. After breathing, greener nuances arrive, evoking privet, angelica and camphor tree.

The initial sensations are tactile, full-bodied and silky as they unfold like a caress, gradually becoming bolder. The acidic foundation that is the signature of the vintage weaves into the structure of the pinot noir, vibrating the heart of the wine. The affirmed, persistent finish is redolent of peonies and white pepper

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.