Dalmore 18 Year Scotch Whisky

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By Dalmore

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The Dalmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 Years Old is the finest expression and culmination of the processes that began with Sir Henry at the end of the 19th century. The spirit has been matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels, which were selected to yield notes of soft vanilla, honey and almond.

The Dalmore 18 year old is the longest maturation in The Dalmore range, promising a refined and delicate taste of honey, sugar and white flowers with a hint of fresh fruits. This whisky is full-bodied with an intense aroma that lends itself to a pairing with rich foods like chocolate or game meat.

The Aroma
Vanilla, dark chocolate, orange and cinnamon

On the Palate
Dark chocolate, candied citrus fruits, rich coffee, nutmeg and soft liquorice

Finishing Notes
Citrus fruits and rich molasses

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.