Cincoro Extra Anejo Tequila

By Cincoro

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We take great care to craft our tequila. Our Cincoro Extra Añejo comes from three different distillations using the traditional method. It is aged at the distillery 40-44 months in our underground cava, far longer than required for Tequila Extra Añejo. While aging, it gains a beautiful golden color and its flavor develops complexity, resulting in a smoother, softer taste.

In 2009, when Micheal Jordan retired from basketball, he took to the links and soon found that he enjoyed a fine cognac with his post-round libations. In his later years, Jordan turned to tequila to accompany him on those special outings. Eventually, Micheal Jordan decided to create his own extra añejo tequila, and Cincoro was born.

Deep Copper

Subtle wood notes with sweet cooked agave, baking spices, dried fruits, caramel

Very complex, light toasted oak, sweet cooked agave, white chocolate, lingering spices, light coffee

Complex, extra long, similar to a fine cognac. Toasted oak, dried fruits, baking spices, light agave

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.