Calumet Farm 16 Year Bourbon

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By Calumet

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Calumet Farm 16 Year Straight Bourbon is a bourbon for fans of ultra-aged bourbons. The flavor is rich, complex and incredibly smooth, offering notes of caramel, leather, spice and hints of toffee.

Calumet Farm 16 Year Bourbon is the pinnacle of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family. It has a deep amber, and true to the trademark, it is aged in single barrel, meaning no two barrels are alike. It is richly layered with flavors of ripe fruits, chocolate covered cherries, leather and oak.

Deep mahogany with dark red shadows and golden highlights

Upon Uncorking: Beginning notes of woody-char and smoke subside to reveal softer scents of toasted almonds and fresh-cut summer hay. After Breathing: As the spirit opens up, lighter notes of citrus and orange mix with darker floral and cherry scents to complete the experience

Notes of saturated-oak and warm rye spice open the palate, allowing flavors of cherries, dark fruits, and baking spice to present fully - Fresh baked bread, toasted toffee, and a light corn meal dryness round out the rich flavors

Imparting a lighter than expected finish, this spirit's bold flavors give way to a subtle warmth, notes of toasted grains, and a smokiness that proceed the mellowing of wood sugars and oak

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.