Calumet Farm 14 Year Single Rack Black Bourbon

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Calumet Farm 14 Year Old Single Willy Walker Rack celebrates the 14 year bourbon from the award-winning historic bourbon distillery in Kentucky. This indulgent, hand crafted small batch bourbon is made from a customary mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley. It offers an admirably balanced spirit with complex flavors of light brown sugar and soft white pepper with a long, lively & captivating finish revealing all flavors.

Our 14 Year Bourbon, is one of the finest bourbons you will find anywhere. This meticulously blended Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in limited production and aged 14 years to perfection. Sealed in decorative bourbon barrels resulting in a brownish-gold color and a lusciously sweet aroma punctuated with notes of vanilla and subtle hints of oak char.


Deep amber throughout with shimmering highlights of copper and sun-yellow

Heavy notes of oak and molasses are rolled back as light scents of fresh corn, wood sugars and hay present

Smooth flavors of oak and char subside to reveal complex sensations of toasted grains, toffee and vanilla

The long finish leaves the palate with a subtle dryness followed by lasting flavors of rye and dark fruit

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.